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PETPAKS Nutty about pets PETPAKS Nutty about pets

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We have currently 12 varieties, 8 of those are grain free.

Our varieties are balanced across the range which means you can safely vary the type of meat your pet receives from day to day or week to week. Variety is key with raw feeding (unless a medical reason determines otherwise).

You should still feed dogs some raw meaty bones such as chicken wings or turkey necks at least every other day as these are an integral part of a raw feeding diet and natures toothbrush.

With all feeding you will have to take a note of your pet’s activity levels and adapt the guidelines to fit your pet as an individual. Dogs will need the meaty bones in addition to the guidelines, but again if this is too much simply adjust the quantity of nuggets or grams of the complete meals.on the designated day), 20% fruit and vegetables and 20% non-starchy grain.

We do not advocate putting raw meat on top of a processed kibble based food. You would be unbalancing the bowl of food for your dog by simply increasing the protein and not the other nutrients alongside it.

Secondly the transition times for these foods are totally different (average of 10-16 hours for kibble and only 4-5 hours for raw meat and bone) as are the ways the food types are digested by the pet.

Our opinion is that feeding both together could compromise the pet’s digestion and their optimum health.