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Gelert Country Choice canned diets are a healthy way to deliver additional premium protein to your dog's diet. You can feed our canned foods as an incredibly tasty and nutritious main meal, or mix with Gelert Country choice dry kibble to create the ultimate meal combination of flavour and nutrition for your working dog.

Naturediet blends only the most suitable ingredients for a natural approach to the overall health and digestion of your dog. Naturediet has a menu to suit every dog, ranging from puppies to senior dogs and those with special needs, which you can order online today.

These moist food rolls contain fresh meat and herbs for added flavour and come in a biodegradable plastic sleeve for convenience. They are excellent value for money and are ideal for dogs who prefer a mixture of moist and dry food. For a tasty balanced diet we recommend that an equal amount of Davies mixer is also fed with Davies Chub Rolls.

Butchers is made with fresh meat and no artificial colouring's, flavourings or preservatives, no soya or wheat so its gluten free too. All Butcher’s recipes are packed with natural nutrition. Butcher’s contains all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to make him as ‘Fit as a Butcher’s dog'.™

Winalot is a 100% complete and balanced dog food. This means that everything your dog needs to help him be healthy and happy is deliciously contained inside every can of Winalot. And we only use wholesome quality ingredients, meaning that your dog will get all vitamins and minerals he needs from every single recipe, no matter which one's his favourite!

Natures Menu is proud to be the leading experts in natural and raw dog and cat foods. Turning to Mother Nature for its unrivalled recipes, answers to common well-being issues and a happier, more content pet.

Our award winning range of complete and balanced raw meals for pets provide a convenient and simple way to feed your pet a healthy raw diet every day.

When we developed Nature's Essentials we made sure our recipes were delicious and nutritious whilst avoiding ingredients commonly known to cause allergies and intolerances. That's why you won't find any artificial additives or unnecessary fillers such as soya or cereals in these recipes but you will find easily-digestible, natural ingredients that your dog is sure to love!

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