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Frolic offers a well-balanced and complete meal, incorporating the tasty meat flavours along with vegetables and cereals. The re-sealable pack keeps the food fresh for longer.

Dogs will love all-moist Frolic. The great taste of meat, vegetables and cereals makes for a tasty, well-balanced meal. It's irresistible, and really does give both dog and owner a more colourful life!

Frolic moist-meaty ringos are prepared with fresh meat and are so tasty that your dog can't get enough of them. Every frolic ringo is simply delicious and nutritionally complete.

Frolic Dog Food - Complete Moist Meal. Frolic has a neat foil pack and a re-sealable pack to keep food fresh. Beef Carrot Semi-moist Rings.

Every Frolic ringo is simply delicious and nuritionally complete. Packed with the goodness of mouth-watering tasty fresh meat, carrots, cereals, vitamins and minerals. A bowl of Frolic complete and he's full of life and vitality.