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With over 20 years experience in the pet trade, at Pet-Paks we believe that all dogs nutritional needs are as individual as they are, there is no one food that is going to suit all dogs of a particular breed, whilst some dogs will be perfectly suited to being fed wet food, others will do better when fed dry or frozen food, just because a so called “expert” deems one type of feeding the “best” does not mean that this is going to be the right option for your pet.

To stay healthy, your dog needs the correct balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Each nutrient must be in balance with the energy content of the diet and with each of the other nutrients, they must also be of the correct balance for your pet.

The optimum number of calories depends on your dog’s size, breed and amount of exercise they get. Age makes a big difference also: puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, pregnant and lactating bitches all need different amounts of energy.

Creating a balanced diet for your dog at home takes a lot of time, effort and understanding. It’s hard to get it right – and it could affect your dog’s health.

Many years of science and expertise have gone into the different brands of packaged dog foods now available for purchase, this means you’ll get guaranteed and consistent quality, whether the food is complete or complementary, dry or moist. Quite simply, feeding a complete diet is the easiest way to make sure your dog gets the nutrition it needs.

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