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PETPAKS Nutty about pets PETPAKS Nutty about pets

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Over the years pet foods in general have deviated further and further from what dogs and cats need to not only survive but flourish, with cheap and inconsistent protein and carbohydrate sources in the wrong proportions.

To redress the balance and create the optimal diet for our companions we went back to nature and studied what dogs and cats really need. The result is Canagan, which closely mimics your pet’s ancestral diet with the correct ratio of protein and fat to carbohydrate, and a much higher meat content than most.

Dogs and cats are carnivores and they lack salivary amylase. This is a special enzyme found in the saliva of herbivores and omnivores and is used to break down starchy carbohydrates before they reach the stomach. Because their saliva is virtually free from amylase, carbohydrates are much harder to digest. By being grain free and by significantly reducing the carbohydrate content, Canagan dog and cat food has a much higher level of digestibility which means lower feeding amounts, reduced cost and a smaller stool volume.

Canagan is made with all natural ingredients in small batches. Therefore there are small variances in colour, shape and size although the kibble will still provide the same levels of taste and nutrition.