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PETPAKS Nutty about pets PETPAKS Nutty about pets

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Here at Autarky we know that your dog’s health and happiness are important to you and that’s why we make sure that every bag of Autarky is bursting with natural goodness.  Our unique recipes have been formulated by one of Britain’s leading canine nutritionists using a holistic approach  to ensure that your Working dog is getting optimum levels of nutrition, which are essential for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Each tasty bag of Autarky contains nothing but the finest quality natural ingredients, many of which are sourced locally here in Northamptonshire, all from non GM origins. We know you want to trust the food that your dog is getting so our natural hypo-allergenic recipes are wheat gluten and soya free. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are protected by a natural antioxidant package, which ensure that each bag of Autarky is as fresh as the day we packed it every time your dog eats

Consistent, quality feeding throughout life…will enhance your dog’s well-being and therefore quality of life. The Autarky product range has been developed to benefit your dog from natural nutrition for the entirety of its life.

All Autarky working dog products are packed full of appetizing and nutritious ingredients. The recipes include luscious carrots, succulent chicken, quality rice and fifteen beneficial herbs, maximum taste and nutrition is guaranteed!

The Autarky product range is formulated to provide correct levels of key nutrients throughout life, and so consequently consists of three life stage products: Puppy/ Junior, Adult chicken and Mature Lite Chicken

Each product recipe is adapted slightly to meet the nutritional needs of your dog at each life stage. Autarky Puppy/ Junior has a higher nutritional content to support your young dog’s very important, growth and development stage. Once your dog reaches its prime and is at its most active, Autarky Adult will provide a significantly higher proportion of energy from fats. Adult also contains ingredients and key nutrients to help optimise fat utilisation from your dog’s diet; Autarky Mature Lite has moderate calorie content suitable for the older dog.