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Almo Nature has always proposed an alternative, simple and rigorous nutritional philosophy and focuses its production on the quality of ingredients.

This is why Almo Nature has chosen not to produce “curative” or special-purpose food. We simply offer high quality food which can preserve the physical and mental wellbeing of cats.

Food is meant to feed, veterinaries and drugs are meant to treat and cure.

Following our Nutritional Advice based on the rotation of wet and dry food and all sources of protein (white meat, red meat and fish), you can offer cats a diet which fully meets their nutritional needs.

Also, our Nutritional Advice allow you to adapt the diet to each individual cat, changing it based on their individual metabolism, physical activity, climate conditions and sterilization, thus ensuring the best possible diet  from their point of view.

Cats are strict carnivores: the teeth are typical of predators and the digestive system is suited to optimally absorbing and using proteins. In the natural state, cats would eat small preys (mice, birds and fish), which are sources of proteins and fats, as well as of fibres and other nutrients contained in their digestive system.

Almo Nature’s advice to ensure an optimal nutritional balance is to rotate between all types of meat and fish, wet and dry food (respectively 60% and 40% in volume), and simple, complementary and complete food.